KTN Series oil diffusion pump


一、overview of k-type diffusion pump:

K type diffusion pump also K type metal oil diffusion pump for high vacuum and high vacuum system for ultra high vacuum suction as well as working liquid without serious damage to gas, it can't directly to air exhaust, need to configure the backing pump. K-type diffusion pump is used in electronic industry, chemical industry, atomic energy industry and space simulation test.

二、Working principle of k-type diffusion pump:

The pump will be smoke diffusion pump so far around 10 pa pre vacuum, at room temperature with low saturated vapor pressure of liquid, by heating heater, oil vapor produced along the steam catheter upward movement, after a few level nozzle orientation, high speed, will spread in oil gas in steam to the level before the end. From the former pump to the atmosphere, the oil vapor is sprayed on the wall of the pump, and when it is cooled, it flows back to the bottom of the pump, which is repeated to achieve a high vacuum purpose.