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2BV series Liquid ring vacuum pump

2BV series Liquid ring vacuum pumps are suitable for pumping the gases and steam.

2BE3 series Liquid ring vacuum pump

2BE series liquid ring vacuum pumps are usually used to suction the gas without solid particle, undissolved and noncorrosive gas to generate vacuum and pressure in the closed container.

2BE1 series Liquid ring vacuum pump

The 2BE pumps are equiped with gas-water separators itself, Many position has the exhausting hole.

SV rotary vane vacuum pump

SV series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of reliable, durable, economic and applicable range of vacuum equipment.

2XZ direct drive rotary vane vacuum pump

2XZ series direct-driven rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the main vacuum equipment pumping gas from the sealed container.

Research and development of our company is a professional manufacturer of vacuum pump vacuum unit, vacuum pump, vacuum pump production reasonable price, products meet international standards, technical force is abundant, the technology mature, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, perfect detection means.

Our factory mainly produces: 2BV, 2BE, SK, 2SK, SZ, SZB series water ring vacuum pump and compressor; W, WY, WL, WLW series reciprocating vacuum pump; 2X series rotary vane vacuum pump; ZJ series roz vacuum pump; JZJ2S series roz - water ring unit; ZF series vacuum system, as well as various high, medium vacuum units and vacuum access, application equipment, etc. Products are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, electronics, mining, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, sugar, printing and dyeing, plastics machinery, chemical pesticide, dye chemical industry, brick machinery, cryogenic equipment, food machinery, and other fields.

Our brand "EVP" has been accepted and recognized by more and more domestic and foreign customers. As of now, "EVP" is the name of high quality and excellent service. For long-term perspective, EVP team will strive to build a one-stop type service, which includes product diversification, sales diversified, and services diversified. We'll keep on improving our products quality and customer satisfaction continuously.

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