Drop-in replacement Stokes 212H and 412H


一、 overview of H slide valve vacuum pump:

The performance specification of H slide valve type vacuum pump: the geometric pumping speed is 150 litres/second, and the limit pressure is 1 pa (8 x 10-3 d). It is suitable for vacuum smelting, vacuum drying, vacuum coating, vacuum impregnation and other vacuum operation. H slide valve type vacuum pump can be used alone, and can be used as the front pump of other vacuum pumps, but it is not suitable for pumping from one container to another. A device shall be added when the gas containing excessive oxygen, explosive, corrosive to black metal, chemical reaction to the vacuum oil, water and dust, etc. This type of pump can be used alone, also can be used as a diffusion pump, oil pump, roots pump such as vacuum pump before, relative to the rotary vane vacuum pumps, H plunger pump is durable, long service life of rotary piston vacuum pump H. The pump is used in vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum sintering, molecular distillation and aviation simulation test.

二、 Principle description of slide valve vacuum pump:

1, in the slide valve are installed in the pump body , in the slide valve is equipped with eccentric, eccentric by to outside the pump cylinder shaft driven to rotate, and the center axis of the pump cylinder center is overlap, slide valve in the pump cylinder of the cylindrical surface of slide, slide valve of the semicircular upper valve guide rail sliding and swinging up and down freely. H rotary piston vacuum pump cylinder valve is therefore divided into A, B two room, as shown in the above, if the shaft rotates counterclockwise direction, the room A gradually expanding, shrinking room B, finally A room into the biggest, room B to A minimum.

2, on the other hand, H upper rotary piston vacuum pump is hollow, has slotted in room A side open, during A room to expand, gas through the hollow part of the slide valve, A indoor by slotted into the pump chamber.

3. When the slide valve turns to the upper dead center of the cavity, the original B room disappears, and A room replaces the B room, and the new A room is formed in the original A room. In the final stage of the compression of the B chamber, the compressed gas top vent valve (6) educates the H slide valve type vacuum pump, so that the operation of the H slide valve type vacuum pump is formed.

4, H is equipped with six set of disc type vacuum pump exhaust valve (6) (see chart), exhaust valve is mainly composed of the spare parts such as spring and valve plate, when the oil and gas from the pump cavity exhaust valve discharge, after oil retaining cap within the tank (16) and (3) for oil and gas separation, gas to the atmosphere, the oil through the oil filter filter (15), (22) drawn by the pump again, forced to small tank (15), and then supply bearings, valve, pump cavity and other activities, with the pump running, the compressed gas and oil through the exhaust valve, thus H rotary piston vacuum pump lubrication are all automatic. Besides acting as lubrication sealing pump oil, still has an important role, is when the pump suction gas volume is small, exhaust valve can also work, a small amount of compressed gas and oil top valve all together, to achieve the purpose of the exhaust.

5, H rotary piston vacuum pump of pump body, pump cover, eccentric wheel, a and b. slide valve, valve guide are made from high strength cast iron, after artificial aging treatment to eliminate the internal stress, after rough machining and precision machining, which together form the studio of pump. H slide valve type vacuum pump shaft is made of high quality carbon steel with eccentric wheel in the center; With the key fixed, one end of the shaft is equipped with the oil pump impeller, and the other end is equipped with the pump triangle belt pulley, which is connected with the motor through the triangle belt.

6. The combination surface of the rotating part and the intake part of the H slide valve type vacuum pump is sealed with rubber sealing ring, with the paper pad between the pump body and the pump cover and the flat sealing rubber of 107 resin or soft.

三、 Characteristics of H slide valve type vacuum pump:

1. Optimized design weight, low vibration and low noise.

2. The bearing seal chamber is separately supplied with oil, which is separated from the pump chamber to prevent the impurities from entering the bearing and sealing premature damage.

3. According to the user's requirements, the auxiliary fuel tank can be attached to the cooling vacuum oil to separate the impurities.

4. Except for the old h-150, the motor is placed above the pump, with a compact structure and a small area.