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Machines for the production of chilled water or, in heat pump versions, hot water. The cold water produced will serve for air conditioning of the room or for taking out the heat developed in various industrial processes. The machines are intended Low and medium units with Scroll compressors and plate type exchangers.

How a Chiller, Cooling Tower and Air Handling Unit work together

Sep 26, 2017 The chiller will usually be located either in the basement or on the roof and this depends on what type of chiller is used. Roof top chillers are usually “Air cooled” whereas basement chillers are usually “Water cooled” but they both perform the same function which is to generate cold water for air conditioning

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A water-cooled MIG welding system pumps a cooling solution from a radiator unit, usually integrated inside or near the power source, through cooling hoses inside the power cable and into the gun handle, neck and consumables. The coolant returns to the radiator where the radiator's baffling system releases the heat

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Air/water cooled chillers and heat pumps 41÷303 kW. General. CYAN is a range of chillers and ductable air-water heat pumps. Configurations. HP: Reversible black box function;. Power supply [V/f/Hz]: 400/3~/50 ±5%. CONTROL AND SAFETY DEVICES. • cooled water temperature control probe (on evaporator intake);.

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The Dean Pump brand RA Series Air Cooled Thermal Liquid pumps feature a shaft mounted fan to provide air flow over the cooling fins - no water cooling needed.