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24 Apr 2017 We offer pumping speeds ranging from 3m3/hr up to 175,000m3/hr and an ultimate vacuum to 33 mbar (absolute). Elektror's range of side channel blower are made to the highest German standards. Pumping speeds range from 20 m3/hr up to 2300 m3/hr and are available in single and two stage options

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24 Apr 2017 Suction Pressure: To 1 x 10-4 mbar absolute. DESCRIPTION. Single and two stage oil sealed rotary vane high vacuum pumps suitable for Laboratory bench top vacuum, Research and development, Turbomolecular backing pumps, Freeze drying & Analytical instruments. Side Channel Blowers & Fans

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RT Range Single Stage/Double Stage. A classic in its field with their high inlet volume flow up to 1300 m³/h and a differential pressure of up to 650 mbar, our low noise RT Range of Side Channel Vacuum Pumps & Blowers have the edge on its competitors. They are reliable, low maintenance and durable. They deliver

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Elektror side channel blowers can generate turbo differential pressures up to 750 mbar (75,000 Pa) and airflows up to 1,150 m³/h. Each type of Elektror vacuum blower works completely oil-free. There are different types of side channel blowers: single stage (SD) and double stage (2SD) types as well as side channel

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'PROMIVAC' Regenerative Vacuum Pressure Side Channel Blowers, Turbine Type, Single Stage are manufactured from good quality die casted aluminium Air Pollution Monitoring, High Speed Labeling Machines, Paper Counters, Fume / Smoke extraction Units, Garment Vacuum tables, Priming of Centrifugal Pumps

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4RB 610. About Greenco; Certification · Honour · Video · Equipments. Products; 2RB Single Stage Side Channel Blower · 3RB Single Stage Side Channel Blower · 4RB Single Stage Side Channel Blower · IE2 Single Stage Regenerative Blower · 2RB Single Stage Belt Drive Air Blower. Accessories; Silencer · Relief Valve

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Becker - Homepage - Vakuumpumpen - Verdichter - Kompressoren - Zentralanlagen - VARIAIR - Vacuum Pumps - Compressors.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum offer single stage, oil flooded rotary vane vacuum pumps as well as double stage high vacuum pumps, diaphragm vacuum pumps, screw vacuum Our workshop can work on almost any make of rotary vane and liquid ring vacuum pump, side channel and Roots type blower / booster offering on-site service

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PRODUCTS. Single stage side channel blower · Double stage side channel blower · Three stage side channel blower · Belt drive blower · Filter · Silencer · Valve relief

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Amazon: Pacific Regenerative Blower PB-300 (HRB-300), Ring, Side Channel, Vacuum Pressure Blowers. Single Stage // Phase: 3; Motor: 2.35 HP@60Hz / 2.0 HP@50Hz // Motor: 1.75 KW@60Hz / 1.5 KW@50Hz; Current: 6.7A@230V / 3.4A@440V; Air Flow: 141.00 cfm // Max Pressure: 79” H2O // Max Vacuum: 67”

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Our product portfolio comprises hybrid and magnetically levitated turbopumps, backing pumps, measurement and analysis devices and chambers and systems. Our service program extends from vacuum pumps through measurement and analysis equipment right up to complete vacuum systems. Pfeiffer Vacuum has

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31 Jul 2014 Löwener Vacuumservice has used vacuum pumps on stock such as Alcatel rotary vane pumps and Mil´s multvane vacuum pumps and other brands. Some of the vacuum pumps for rent at our Stockholm workshop. Click for bigger picture Other vacuum pumps, one-stage, side channel and cryo.