Rotary Compressors | Panasonic Industrial Devices

Rotary Compressors for residential and light commercial air conditioning, climate control and refrigeration applications.

Rotary Compressors – P Series | Panasonic Industrial Devices

25 matches P Series compressors are designed to meet the needs of mid-size range applications. The cooling capacity for this family of compressors range between 9000BTU/h ~ 12000BTU/h. Typical applications for Panasonic P-series compressors include marine AC, room air conditioners and package terminal air

Rotary Compressor - K Series | Panasonic Industrial Devices

12 matches Engineered specifically for mid–large cooling applications. Discover all the benefits of Panasonic's rotary air conditioner compressor K series (13000BTU/h ~ 25000BTU/h).