Virtual Reality Pump Training and Virtual Schematic Busch R5

May 9, 2017 This video is a progress update of our Virtual pump training of the Busch R5 Vacuum pump. Most of the assets in the scene are temporary and will be replaced

Samsung creates drone, robotics and virtual reality lab | Technology

Feb 10, 2015 Samsung has set up a new research lab concentrating on drones, robotics, 3D printing and virtual reality. The research group will be part of Samsung's mobile division but will operate independently, building on the work done by the company in robotic vacuum cleaners and, most recently, its Gear VR

Virtual Virtual Reality - WEARVR

Escape behind the scenes of Activitude by putting on VR headsets to jump between realities, or vacuum up the world around you with your Activitude Brand Poly Cleanup Tool! Outrun Chaz, your manager, as he attempts to boot you out PERMANENTLY. Along the way, uncover the story of Activitude's evolution from VR

Virtual VR is a tongue-in-cheek look at what happens when robots

Mar 2, 2017 There are already plenty of titles available for you to dip your toes into Google's virtual-reality-by-mobile-efforts, but none appear to be as meta or as tongue-in-cheek as Virtual VR (V-VR), the You'll have access to the handheld vacuum that mops up the scene and takes you into the virtual reality backend.

Print Business Jun 2013 - Print Business Magazine

Jun 3, 2013 World Print Summit – listen to industry figureheads and business leaders debate the big issues. > Printers' Profit Zone to exploit a Virtual Learning its Komori presses. Breckland. Print, which is part of the Colc- ehster Print Group, has long had a strong environmental ethos, says general manager David.

AI & Virtual Reality—Let The Games (and Work) Begin! – Vacuum

Sep 6, 2017 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) have enormous potential for entrepreneurs, designers, software experts, video gaming developers and high-tech manufacturers. Some common AI and VR essentials include very powerful computing power in extremely small/tiny spaces and exceptionally