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Two stage non lube high pressure air compressor specially designed for PET blow moulding machines Screw Compressor. Fully automatic load & unload. Compressor will start automatically & shutdown under the following conditions: When the target pressure in the air tank has been reached; When the voltage drops

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For this reason it has designed and developed compressors for blowing PET bottles with standard features capable of supplying oil-free high pressure air. we have designed two lines: a three-stage line , now joined by the recently launched VITO range, and the Screw + Booster piston compressor line – the BS line:.


Cutting-edge high-pressure compressors for PET bottle production; Highest cost-effectiveness in terms of investment & operating costs; Compressed Air Recovery of air-blowing demand as well as in the selection of an optimal air-blowing compressor system by way of the especially developed EcoPET design program.

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Reciprocating compressors boost pressure up to 650 psig. screw compressors. Do you require high pressure compressed air only at certain points in your production process? If so, the use of boosters is far more efficient than designing the entire system to deliver high pressure compressed air. Applications: PET bottle

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PET bottle production. KAESER has developed a remarkably economical system solution for this growing field of application. The SIGMA PET AIR bottle production system comprises a low pressure stage (rotary screw compressor, control air), a high pressure stage (booster, blow moulding) and efficient refrigeration drying.

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Especially for the production of the pet bottles which the usage of them is getting higher and higher in daily life, high pressure is a must. Besides As a manufacturer having reciprocating booster compressors in its product portfolio which boost the 7-13 bar compressed air taken from rotary screw compressors up to 40 bars,

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P compressors give the highest possible quality and reliability for your process, while offering the lowest possible operational costs. Hydro power High-pressure oil-free performance Superior technology as a first choice For PET bottle production, the total absence of oil or pollutants in process air is critical. Atlas Copco's P

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He was surprised to find out that he actually needed something more than 100 psi of plant air to blow bottles. This was my entry into engineering a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Three-stage, oil-free, water-cooled piston air compressor and high-pressure refrigerated air dryer for PET systems from AF Compressors.

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High Air acquired reliable compressor design and key components from US and assemble high pressure piston/reciprocating compressor pump up from 300PSI(2MPa) to 7300PSI(50MPa), compress air/helium/nitrogen/Natural gas and so on, has been widely used in PET bottles blowing,hydropower station, military,

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Hertz PET MASTER Series are reliable and high performance oil free reciprocating air compressors used in the pet bottling, food and health industries. compressors taking advancing the WAVE Series, which were developed in order to be used in all applications requiring high pressure, especially in the maritime sector,